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Under Deck

Create a Beautiful New Outdoor
Living Space with Mag Selva Inc.

Mag Selva Inc, provides homeowners to install a new under deck drainage system – also called an under deck ceiling – that expands the wasted space underneath your second story deck into a wonderful new living area.

Your new under deck drainage is an all-aluminum system that captures the excess water from your second story deck using our specially designed ceiling panels. The panels allow the water to flow into a rain gutter and away from the house, keeping the space beneath your deck dry and usable. The system has been tested up to 15” of water per hour!

New Under Decks drainage system.
Repair a Under Deck drainage system.
Maintain a Under Deck drainage system.

  • Warranty against leaking, five (5) years.
  • Customizable designs


Electric work (Ceiling fans, Lights, outlets, speakers, screen systems).

Material: Aluminum, for durability.

Colors: alls colors.

Smooth finish.

Bead Board Smooth

The entire installation process for the under deck system includes:

  • Introduction to the product
  • Determining Drainage Location
  • Determining Slope
  • Installing G Channel
  • Electric work (Ceiling fans, Lights, outlets, speakers, screen systems).
  • Installing Gutters
  • Installing Side Cap
  • Installing Carriers
  • Cantilevered Flashing
  • Installing Panels

Do I need aUnder Decks?

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