Mag Selva Inc, assisting home owners or business owners on repair, replacement or remodeling the Concrete Tile Roofs. We can take care of all your needs ranging from small repairs and full replacements.

The damage to tiles can occur for many reasons: a tree falling on a roof, foot traffic, or sloppy and improper installation. For example, cracks or chips at the lower right corner of a tile can occur from spacing the tiles in a way that restricts their ability to expand. It is imperative to immediately repair or replace the damaged tiles to avoid harm to the house’s underlayment and interior.

Concrete roof tiles require extensive-routine maintenance and repairs to preserve both their integrity and appearance. Moss and mildew tends to grow between concrete tiles, especially homes in wet climates. Therefore, homeowners should wash the roof with a pressure washer at least once a year. Homeowners must often inspect their roofs for damaged tiles, particularly after a severe weather event.

We are experienced and dedicated roofing contractors. We install or replace different types concrete tile roof: Boral, Eagle Capistrano, Monier, Bender / Nordic, Pioneer, Superior Bold Roll, Standard Concrete Universal Barrel T, Dr. GoodRoof Ceetile, and more.

Concrete tiles, Written warranty, 20 years on materials and labor, fully transferable.

Concrete Roof Identification

Do you would like help identifying your tile? Not sure what is your tile in your roof?



Concrete roof tiles come in four common styles and can resemble traditional clay tiles, wood shake, slate, and stone in both appearance and color. Mission style with pans and covers French stool with locking tabs on the sides and top Interlocking shingle style with locking tabs on the sides and top Spanish style profiles like the letter “S” — each piece functions as both a cover and a pan.

Concrete Roof Missing Tiles

Replace Cracked or Broken Concrete Tiles