Mag Selva Inc, assisting home owners or business owners on repair, replacement or remodeling the Tile Roofs. We can take care of all your needs ranging from small repairs and full replacements.

We are Roofing Specialists, we Have many years of Experience, we repair different types of TILE ROOF. We do simple Repairs or also difficult Repairs

We can re use your old tiles. in some occations the owners can’t afford a new tile roof, we can take off your old roof, replace the rotten wood, replace the Underlayment roof deck protection and Install back Tile Roof, also replace bad tiles and match the exist tiles.

A tile roofing system consists of overlapping roof tiles securely attached to a solid substrate or roof deck on a sloped roof. Tile roofing is a very specialized field of roof installation. And requires a contractor that is experienced in working with and installing roof tiles of various materials and shapes. Tile roofs are installed on all kinds of residential, commercial, and historical properties.

Concrete Roof Identification

Do you would like help identifying your tile? Not sure what is your tile in your roof?



We are specializes in the analyzing, evaluating the damages and assisting home owners or business owners on repair, replacement or remodeling. Whether your home is century-old or brand new, your roof needs to be in tip-top shape to be able to protect everything you hold dear. We have years of experience working with local homeowners in repairing, maintaining, and replacing. We offer a full range of materials manufactured by the leading names in the American industry. We are specialized contractors, certified and insured to do roofing.

We help homeowners with the following:

We help homeowners with the following:

  • Emergency services, available 24/7
  • Free inspections
  • Free estimates
  • Set to your budget Insurance claims assistance due to storm damage
  • Roof evaluations and recommendations
  • Custom Design